Male vocalists boyband project. Yes there is a gap in the market

Placed by Jmacmanager

Hi There, Am seeking vocalists for a serious project. All the music has been written and recorded.
I need guys for a 20 minute set. Everything is laid out. 4-5 vocalists who want a proper stab at being
a successful boy band project. Not cheesy. Some really cool tunes and riffs. Yes a little dance and coordination. Nothing too crazy. Quite an exciting project for the right people. It won't define you as a future musician or singer in your own right. Consider it a neat project where you can get some proper studio time with the professionals. Get singing with others, Make some friendships and challenge yourself by learning new things and how to perform. There is no boyband in Ireland. Theres a serious gap in the market . I totally believe it can be achieved. In fact I know it can. All it needs is the right guys with the right attitude. Most of all it will be fun. Please get in touch.

Band seeking Singer

Location: Cork

Contact: 083 349 2191

Created: 11/19/18, 8:59 PM